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BCE Auction Parties Frequently Asked Questions

What is an auction party?

Auction parties are events, big and small, hosted by BSD families or local venues to raise money for BEC.  Year after year, the party category in the BCE annual auction inspires the greatest engagement and most excitement from our participants. We are grateful that you are considering hosting, offering a venue or supplying something of interest for our parties. Parties can be one of the following:

  • Buy-In: Each guest purchases an individual or a couples ticket for the event at a set price (e.g. theme party for 100 guests).

  • Buy-Your-Own: The winning bidder purchases the entire party and invites their own guests per the detailed parameters (e.g. a private party for 10 at a restaurant).


What details are needed for a party?

As the host, you may determine the number of guests, location, theme, etc. We also request that you provide some possible dates for the event. Once the party concept is accepted, you will work with the auction team to confirm:

  • Final date (paying special attention to conflicting district and community events)

  • Location of the party

  • Online vs live auction listing (as determined by the Live Auction Chair)

  • Ticket pricing*

All details and information may be entered on this auction donation form. After receiving, a member of the auction team will contact you to discuss further.


*How is ticket pricing determined?

The auction team determines pricing based on the party amenities and in comparison to other auction offerings. In general, ticket prices range between $75-$175 per person. Parties can be everything from intimate brunches to large scale dinner parties with entertainment. Tickets may be priced per person, per couple, or even per team.


Must hosts purchase a ticket?

No, hosts do not pay for tickets to attend their own party. However, please keep in mind that hosts do contribute to the overall ticketing capacity of the party. For example, a 30 person party with 5 hosting couples offers only 20 spots to sell in the auction. BCE suggests a ratio of 2 hosts per 25 guests. 

Can hosts offer complimentary tickets?

As these parties are a critical fundraising component of the BCE Annual Auction, every guest must formally purchase a ticket. 


Will BCE help subsidize a portion of my party?

Generally, party hosts cover the full costs related to the party; however, parties projected to bring in at least $10,000 in ticket sale revenue may be considered for support funds. Please contact to discuss further.


Does the cost of the party count towards my annual BCE contribution?

Per the BCE Gift Listing Policy, neither auction purchases nor donations count towards a family’s annual campaign donation. Party hosts are recognized for their generosity in both the Annual Report and the auction package listing and many hosts find tax benefits with their hosting costs (please consult your tax preparer for more details). 


What if my party sells out?

In the event that your party sell outs, a waitlist may be created. BCE staff can support the sale of additional tickets after the auction has closed.


What if my party still has open spots?

BCE staff will provide a full guest list upon the closing of the auction. For parties with remaining tickets available, staff will evaluate the possibility of promoting and selling those open spots at an increased price. Any efforts to sell additional tickets will be discussed with hosts in advance.


Can party tickets be refunded?

Generally no, but BCE does offer refunds if someone mistakenly purchased the wrong number of tickets (e.g. two couple tickets believing it was two single tickets). Refunds will not be granted if a guest changes their mind or has a scheduling conflict. However, in the rare circumstance that the event date changes after the auction closes, any guest not able to attend the new date will be refunded.


Have further questions?

General questions can be emailed to the Auction Chair at If the question pertains to a party, contact the Party Coordinator at

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