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BCE Endowment - Create a Lasting Legacy

BCE has just launched its first $2,000,000 BCE Endowment Fund campaign to strengthen our organization’s ability to provide reliable funding for the Burlingame School District.


The BCE Endowment Fund provides an opportunity for outgoing families, alumni, and community donors to leave a self-sustaining legacy of financial stability to the Burlingame School District for generations to come.



A strong endowment ensures continuity and stability.  Our exemplary stewardship of donations to our endowed fund and prudent financial management ensures that we maintain a self-perpetuating fund.  A strong endowment will help protect our annual grant to the school district from budget cuts and economic cycles of boom and bust.


We’d love to speak to you in person about your gift to the BCE Endowment Fund.  Please contact BCE Endowment Chair, Kimberly Rosales at or (650) 219-2169 with questions or to make your contribution by check.


(650) 766-8969

P.O. Box 117730 

Burlingame, CA 94011-7730

Tax ID: 94-2722072

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