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BCE VolunteerCorps


BCE is largely run by parent volunteers who dedicate their talents and time in so many different ways — as project managers, designers, database systems experts, professional services gurus, relationship builders, party throwers, data entry managers – just to name a few – to make the BCE grant a reality for our schools.

The BCE VolunteerCorps team consists of 80+ volunteers who provide year-round support and input to our fundraising mission. BCE also relies on an additional 30+ volunteers who provide vital day-of support to our events. It couldn’t be done without you.

Interested in joining our volunteer corps? Learn more here.

BCE Volunteer Corps 2022-2023… and growing!

Aimee Yip

Alitsiya Yusupova

Andrea McMahan

Anjna Mehta

Anne Wang Reed

Anya Ho-Sole

Archana Jayakumar

Byung Choung

Carman Chan

Carmen Petrossian

Carole Ren

Carolyn Way

Carrie Chen

Christina Geheran

Claire Hsu

Clarissa Bukhan

Corinne Chu

Cyndi Wright

Dana Howells McFadden

David Levitt

Davina Nazarian Chall

Erin Efner

Erin Lish

Gary (Bin) Chang

Gauri Kelekar

Gemmy Tsai

Greg Powell

Henry Yeung

Jaime Smith

Jennifer Lin

Joan Lafferty

Kacy Church

Karen Pellett

Kate Tobias

Kathy Kleinbaum

Kathy Tsai

Katie Caponigro

Katie Jay

Kimberly Rosales

Krista Cohendet

Leighton Burgess

Lena Draper

Liz Anderson

Liz Ray

Maria Comas

Marni Fligel

Matt Potter

Matt Wuebbling

Maya Ruiz-Scofield

Megan Baldwin

Meghan Scimeca

Melanie Ball

Melanie Wang

Melody Valdez

Michelle Barrett

Michelle Chee

Michelle Dow

Michelle Jones

Michelle Yang

Molly St. Clair

Natalie Sparhawk Cookson

Neha Masson

Nicole Mustafa

Nora Park

Pamela Hung

Penny Crespo

Peter Stevenson

Phuong Tran

Ray Kruck

Ruchika Julipali

Sarah Simson

Sari McConnell

Sheena Gomez

Stacie Arbues

Steven Oliver

Summer Xia

Susan Caccia

Susan Chen

Tawny Darling

Tina Chan Go

Tricia Betts

Vanessa Bass

Winnie Wong

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